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3 for 1 Tax Tip Tuesday

  1. Wondering if you qualify for the GA Stimulus Check?
  • If you made less than $10k or are retired – you need to review your taxes for tax liability for the state of Georgia. If you have tax liability, you qualify and should expect $250 (or $500 if married) in the next 2-3 weeks!
  1. Gas Tax Decrease for the state of Georgia!
  • GA: 29¢ per gallon decrease on gas that will run through the month of May
  • CT: 25¢ per gallon decrease on gas
  • MD: 36¢ per gallon decrease on gas
  • FL: 25¢ per gallon decrease on gas starting in October (after tourist season)
  1. Billionaire Tax
  • Is your net worth greater than one hundred million dollars? A bill is floating around administration for those with this net worth who have to pay a minimum 20% on income and unrealized gains (stocks, real estate, shares of business, etc.)


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