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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I file taxes with my check stub?

Unfortunately not. You will need your W-2 for filing

Can I speak to someone before I come in and file my taxes?

Absolutely – please call 706-353-1711 and ask for a tax professional to help answer a few questions or email your personal tax professional directly

Can I check on my refund?

Can I schedule an appointment online?

Are you accepting new clients?

Interested in becoming a new client?

How long are refunds currently taking?

Most refunds are issued in 21 – 28 days however some can be delayed for no specific reason for several months

What should I do if I receive a notice?

Receive a notice from the IRS? Don’t panic, read this!

What are the tax deadlines?

Can you help me with an LLC creation?

Yes!  Please call 706-353-1711 or email Zach@thetaxsheltercom –  Link coming soon

Do I have to wait for the IRS to open/start accepting returns before I can file?

No, you can file once you have all of your tax documents together. You can do this even if the IRS has not begun accepting returns. The IRS is set to start accepting returns on January 24, 2022.

What is your pricing structure for individual and corporate returns?

Has the advance child tax credit stopped as of 2022?

For right now, the monthly payments are no longer being sent out. This may change as the year goes on but we will update you if so!

How do I upload document for my tax preparation?

Click here for access to our portal

How do I share my QuickBooks file?

  • If QB online – 2 options based on the version you have:
    1. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner, then “manager users”, There will be two tabs (users, accounting firms) – click on accounting firms, add my email address in this section – chad@thetaxshelter.com
    2. click on the gear icon in the top right corner, then “your team” under the company section, add my email address – chad@thetaxshelter.com
  •  If QB desktop – save a backup to send to us:
    1. Go to file (top left), create a copy, create a backup copy, local backup, save on your computer:
    2. Email over the backup
    3. If backup is too large to email – save to google drive or dropbox and send me the link or you can save in our portal Access TaxDome here.

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